Session Recordings

Friday, November 6th


Cynthia Dunn
Pennsylvania Department of
Conservation & Natural Resources (PA DCNR)

Poster Session #1

Biology, Water Chemistry, & Community Health

Poster Session #2

Watershed Sciences & Sustainability

Saturday, November 7th

Special Session 1

Conducting Field and Laboratory Research in the Midst of Pandemics

Special Session 2

Eliminating Racism and Increasing Diversity in the Watershed Sciences.

Special Session 3

Communicating Your Science to the Public, Policy Makers, Voters, Reporters, and Other Key Audiences

Plenary Address

Clean Water Grows on Trees: Finding Roots through Collective Impact
Brenda Sieglitz
Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership
Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Oral Session #1A

Ecology I – Native Plant Communities

Oral Session #1B

Ecology II – Aquatic Ecosystems & Restoration

Oral Session #1C

10 Million Trees Partnership, Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Oral Session #2A

Hydrology I – Floods & Hydrography

Oral Session #2B

Hydrology II – Stormwater

Oral Session #2C

Stream Temperatures

Oral Session #3A

Stream Restoration I – Live Staking / Riparian Corridor Management

Oral Session #3B

Stream Restoration II – Improving Stream – Floodplain Connectivity

Oral Session #3C

Science Communications and Education