Coliform Trends in Urban Streams receiving Stormwater within Lycoming County MS4

Nidhee Seernaum

Dr. Mel Zimmerman

Lycoming College


The Clean Water Institute at Lycoming College has been conducting field and laboratory analysis on the urban streams of Lycoming County MS4 region since 2015. The County MS4 includes 9 municipalities/boroughs. Over 200 stormwater outfalls empty into 8 urban streams (Grafius Run, McClure Run, Millers Run, Bull Run, Mill Creek, Tules Run, Mosquito Creek and Hagermans Run) plus Lycoming Creek, Loyalsock Creek and the West Branch Susquehanna River. Quarterly and in some cases monthly samples for chemical analysis ( pH, alkalinity, temperature, dissolved Oxygen (DO), conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids(TDS), nitrite, nitrate, orthophosphate, total phosphorus ) as well as coliforms have been collected from 1-3 sites within 8 urban streams for two years. Membrane filtration was specifically carried out on the water samples to identify the presence of E.coli in them. Fecal contamination may be an indicator of sewage input. This paper provides the trend in coliform count over the years since 2017. The examination of data trends serve as a baseline to be used to implement projects that seek to improve the water quality of the urban streams of Lycoming County MS4 region.