Master of Science in Biology at Bloomsburg University

Thomas Klinger


Bloomsburg University


The Master of Science Degree is rapidly becoming the professional working degree in Biology. This
degree provides the advanced training in the biological sciences and supporting disciplines which
working biologists need. Bloomsburg University is a great choice for graduate school. The
Department of Biological and Allied Health Sciences faculty members represent a diverse range of
specialties. Every faculty member holds a Ph.D. and has extensive research experience. There are
many options for Thesis research projects, as well as for collaboration with local agencies,
government institutions, and medical research centers. The M.S. in Biology requires 30 credits of
coursework at the graduate level. Advanced courses in biology and appropriate supporting
disciplines are selected under the guidance of an Advisory Committee selected by the student
from among the appropriate Graduate Faculty. Independent research and professional
development under the mentorship of faculty are central components of the Master of Science
Program. Under the guidance of their personal Advisory Committee, all students propose
scholarly research at the frontier of their area of specialization, conduct independent research
producing new insights, and write a manuscript of sufficient scope and quality for publication. In
many cases these Theses and other scholarly manuscripts are published and become part of the
scientific cannon. Students typically take 1 – 2 years to complete their coursework, research, and
program requirements.